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Cashless & Payment Systems

Product Details

StaintonWard offer full refreshment solutions for companies large and small. As part of these solutions, payment systems are an important feature and now able to offer technology with which we are all becoming increasingly familiar, often via smartphones and similar devices.

The benefits include:

  • The end of 'no change given' signs
  • Increased reliability
  • No more jammed coins causing machine failure
  • Improved sales
  • More convenience

The possibilities include:

  • Cash? - YES
  • Debit card? - YES
  • Credit card? - YES
  • Notes? - YES
  • Subsidies and discounts? - YES
  • Cash free payment systems? - YES
  • Integrated company security, personnel and payment systems - YES

Typical vending equipment operates with coin acceptance systems, a changegiver or a coin acceptor. Either of these require a ready supply of 'loose' change. Modern coin mechanisms are now extremely reliable and capable of storing large quantities of change but the historic problems of 'jammed coins' and 'no change given' still persist. However, technological development has arrived at vending's door and StaintonWard can now offer you lots of benefits and advantages with our payment systems.

Note readers - Reliable acceptors of notes mean easier payment for high value items and you will get change!

Worldkey Cashless - keys, cards or fobs 'loaded' with a cash value enabling cash free vending meaning no coin jams, less machine down time, quicker dispensing and more convenience.

Worldkey Cashless - keys, cards or fobs offering pre programmed discounts or free vends to staff and clients. This allows convenient subsidies, happier staff and easy control

Contactless payment systems are now available allowing payment from debit and credit cards creating an even more convenient way of paying. Expect increased sales with these systems, excellent security and easy vending of low and high value products

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