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About Us

Do your refreshment suppliers seem like a necessary evil?
Do you suffer inconsistent quality levels from your coffee machine?
Do you know who to talk to when it just isn't working for you?

Most, if not all, businesses will be able to relate to the problems raised by the above questions. We, at StaintonWard, believe that recognition of a potential problem is an essential step to preventing it, that having a system to deal with any problem is critical and above all sufficient training and development for relevant staff is the only way to minimise the risk of it happening.

Andy and Kate Lawrence have combined experiences of over 30 years in a variety of industries and across the whole of the UK and drawing from their wealth of experience they realise that inconsistent quality levels and an inability to deal with unreliable drinks and snacks equipment is the Achilles heel of the refreshment industry. This has led to the development to a unique in-house training and development system which sets the company apart in its field.

Hygiene and Operated Services

Our operating staff go through a thorough induction training program on both the equipment they will be working on and the more subtle aspects of the role such as customer care, security and personal presentation. They are trained to communicate any issues that they cannot deal with and inform the customer of those issues where appropriate. Regular audits are carried out on machines, and to ensure that our operating staff get the best possible back up and support, we ensure they get accompanied field visits on a regular basis. As a result you get the best possible chance of high quality, consistent service.

Engineering Management

All machines go wrong from time to time. Here at StaintonWard, we make sure we research thoroughly our choice of equipment for maximum reliability. This includes checking out spares availability, manufacturers' support and training. We assess carefully the requirement for spares holding, aiming to carry out first time fixes where possible. All engineers at StaintonWard are qualified tradesmen and type trained on all equipment. We have a clear objective to ensure our customers suffer as little down time as possible and recognise that there is always a solution to every situation.

Client Relationships

StaintonWard believe in regular customer contact. Circumstances change, events occur and we like to see ourselves as part of the solution, not part of the problem. If you have a hotel or restaurant, we might pop in for a coffee; if you run a busy food processing plant a more formal appointment might be appropriate. By keeping in touch we can ensure that you know who to turn to in the event of a problem and that together we can not only give a consistent, quality service but increase the possibility that you will be delighted with what we provide!

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